Welcome to my page, or blog shall I say. Let me introduce myself. I’m Jessica a health and fitness enthusiast from Sweden but currently living in the UK.

I work as an Independent Herbalife Distributor, and hope that these recipes on the page will help you stop that sweet sugar unhealthy cravings, and swap it out with some delicious recipes that will trick you into thinking it’s that sweet food you wanted. If you feel like the is a recipe missing, maybe it’s your favour ice-cream, or cake, cookie whatever it might be please comment on the blog, or message me on Facebook- where you can like my page so you never miss another health tip again.

I am an active 18 year old who loves a healthy lifestyle, in fact whatever active things or workout you give me I will probably enjoy and please me. I have so much energy that sometimes, when I sit down on a chair working or a few hours, for example working on the blog or Facebook, or emailing clients and customers and just sitting down in general I have to go up. You know when small kids sit for long hours and they get a tickling feeling in their legs, or ‘ants in their pants’…. Whatever you want to call it- and need to run around? Well that’s how I feel, I have to move, not because I’m fixated but because I have so much energy that it needs to come out- I blame it on Herbalife.

Now instead of me blabbing on about me, I would love to hear what my readers do and what to get to know you all. Please don’t be afraid to comment any questions, conversations and please share what you like to do. I want you all to be involved in this blog and to have a nice conversation flowing… I like to get to know people!

Hope you all enjoy the blog!

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