Winter Wonderland

So last week, I had my stall at the Christmas fair and yesterday we had our little Christmas party at the centre. I invited 31 people, and a few came. Me and my mum went to a little garden shop who also sell christmas decorations during the winter time. I love, love going to this garden hall because they decorate it so beautifully and the people working there seem to really enjoy looking after this shop. I worked there for one week during my school years when everyone in my year were to have a work experience. This was about 4  years ago and the same staff is still there. They don’t recognise me though, I don’t think. I was offered a job there after the work experience, they said I should contact me again after the new years so I did sed them a a letter but they never replied and the time went, the funny and weird thing was that the called me back and asked me.

Anyway, I took some lovely photographs of some stuff there.

Tabel Labels

This first image is tabel labels that we bought, I just thought they were adorable.

Small Santas

We didn’t buy any of these this christmas because 2 years ago, we bought a little cute santa.

Toad Hall 3

Santa’s grotto to the left, and then just some cute christmas trees.

Toad Hall 4

In winter wonderland kissing a reindeer.

Toad Hall 5

Still in winter wonderland.

Toad Hall 6

Small cute decoration, the deer however was quite big and was up to my hip.

Toad Hall 7

These small houses had very well done details, even the inside of the house you could see small people.

Toad Hall 2

Big decorations.

I would love to have these at home, however there is no space, he literally have things everywhere in the house. What do you guys think? Would you like to have these at home, or are they just fun to look at when you’re out? It may actually not be special if you have it at home because you get used to it. However, on the other hand we do have favourite things that we can never get enough off.


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