It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Well now the big day has passed, for me two days ago. I have a wonderful day. Everyday throughout the year I eat clean, of course there are those occasional birthdays and celebrations that comes up., but this is normally only maybe every 2-3 months. If there are more celebrations I always try to make healthy options and bake healthy treats with my fabolous Herbalife products and always make sure to have protein in them.

I got a lovely Samsung Tab 10.1, which i in fact i am using right now when writing this post. I got other things as well but this was the main one. The whole family received one. Me, my brother and dad got a black one, and my mum and little sister got a white one. I have to say thought, I have not eaten so much food in a long time. On Christmas day, yesterday, I did eat quite a lot as well someday I’ll cut back and get right back on track tomorrow and burn it all off with weights and cardio at the gym. Squats, I think. Mg heart arte is flying off the roof when I squat HEAVY.

Here is a link to this lovely recipe I made for Christmas dinner with Root Vegetables (shown in the photograph below). This is perfect for the days after as well maybe eaten with some light fish to stop that sugary cravings you may be having after a few days of unhealthy eating.

Winter Root Salad


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