Editing & Fathers Day!

Ok, so you have probably seen a change on this blog and though, ‘what it didn’t look like this before’, well you’re right. Now the reason why I decided to change the appearance was due to the fact that it just looked to girly to be honest. I don’t just want to attract females because I will be giving tips that will benefit males as well, so I had to make the blog attractive for males as well and not scare them away when they come across the site on internet.

I’m sitting here at the centre. I love sitting here having the radio on and hearing people walking outside down in the alley way, seeing the blue sky and sun shining! The only thing though is that it’s so cold now during the winter, but sitting snacking on soy-nuts and a warm Gourmet soup warms your cold skin and body crating a ‘defrost’ sensation.

Well another thing with today is that it’s fathers day today! (In Sweden)

So let’s celebrate our fathers and have a fantastic day!

“One of the greatest gifts you can give to anyone is the gift of attention”- Jim Rhon

Leave in the comment section what you are planning on doing today, or what you did together with, or gave your father!


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