Fat During Your Middle Age

Middle can change the shape of our bodies. Exercise is not enough to keep us in shape anymore. Obviously diet is key, and should always be good in order to be able to stay lean. However, for most average people, at 20 it’s easy. The metabolism is still pretty high and hormones are still in very good conditions meaning that eating what we want is not hard to later burn off. However, later in the middle age the metabolism is changing and it’s easier to put on weight.

The explanation is in our blood.

In middle age the level of several age hormones starts to drop: oestrogen, testosterone and growth hormone. The human body start to loose lean muscle; we lose about 6.5lbs of muscle over each decade of our adult lives. Less muscle means the body burn fewer calories- we need less fuel.

When were are in the Middle Ages and continue to eat like we used to in our twenties, the surplus food gets converted into fat more easily. For women fat tends to go to their hips, it’s the body’s way of keeping a steady energy supply for pregnancy. Men store fat in their bellies. Belly fat involves quick energy release. It helped our ancestors during hunting trips.

Our ability to metabolise fat slows down as we age. Inside each cell in our bodies there are tiny structures called mitochondria.   These are the body’s power plants. They combine nutrients from food, with oxygen from lungs to release energy. As we get older the number of mitochondria dwindles and we lose the ability to metabolise fat as efficiently. Too many calories and a drop in metabolic rate can be a lethal combination.

Fat is much more than an extra inch on our waistline, it spread throughout the entire body. The intestines are smothered in yellow fat deposits. Fat find its way into almost every available space in our bodies. Even inside our blood vessels. Deposits build up in the inner walls and now in the tube-the heart has to work harder to pump blood through the restricted vessels.

In extreme cases fat can block the vessels completely. If fat block the arteries that supply the heart, the results can be fatal. The heart muscles are deprived of oxygen and nutrients, the muscle risks of getting into spasm- a heart attack. Heart disease is the biggest killer in the western world.

So make sure that you check your diet, obviously you don’t have to outcaste everything. I know this is not going to be realistic as there will be times when you will indulge and you are allowed to – Just do it in moderation.

You don’t have to eat the chocolate cake or bag of crisps every day. Instead save it for situations like birthdays and other special occasions, celebrations and holidays. This will also make it more enjoyable when you actually eat it. I mean if you eat junk food everyday it’s not going to be special during that special occasion, I mean would you rather eat a salad to celebrate with than a cake? I know that I would rather eat a healthy diet every day and then really be able to enjoy that cake on special occasions; otherwise it’s not special if it’s a normal food in your everyday lifestyle.

If you are interested to change your lifestyle to healthy one, check your diet and get help to a personalised meal plan, contact me.


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