Helping You Sleep!

Trouble Sleeping But Not Insomnia?

Check out the video below, for some tips on how to help you sleep, if you cannot bother to read to beautiful blog post.

Sometimes we can have a bit of a problem falling asleep. It can either be due to peoples busy lifestyles or bad eating habits. However, sometimes it can also be due to over-training. This however is not very common, so don’t suddenly think that you have been overtraining (Unless you’re working out and doing sports every day for 5+ for 3 months or longer, I doubt you have been)

So what can you do? Well firstly if you’re feeling that you need that little break and want to take an afternoon nap, DON’T! This is only going to make it harder for you to sleep. If you feel that you are constantly tired every day, I would recommend looking at your diet and lifestyle. Packed unhealthy foods can make you tired and no benefits what so ever. Checkout this link which will take you to the web shop to show what products ActiveWellnessDirect has so help you get more targeted energy.

Now other reasons to bad sleep can be due to eating too many carbohydrates during the night time- carbohydrates should be consumed throughout the day, especially around your workouts as this is the time you need the energy the most. Now, however if you decide to eat you carbs at night, you will be full of energy giving you a hard time sleeping. Now, when I’m referring to carbohydrates I mean complex (fruits, vegetables, whole grains) not simple sugar carbs such as sugar, sweets, chips, crisps, packed food etc.

Protein provides energy as well, so distribute your servings throughout the day evenly, and end the day with a smaller serving of protein together with healthy fats. Why fats? Well healthy fats such as avocado, nuts and seeds oily fish etc helps to increase growth hormone, which is important for growth and repair when you have been working out.

So my perfect dinner idea is a nice big salad or vegetables together with some protein and healthy fats.

Please leave in the comment area below your thoughts and questions.

Happy Sleeping!


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