Herbalife 24 Results

My Results From The Herbalife 24 Line

So since the Herbalife 24 Line came out I saw a dramatic change in my body. Now keep in mind that I have only been weight training for just over a year. Obviously in the beginning of my new exercise regime, the first few weeks/ months you will see a massive change in your body.

Before weight training I was a long distance runner, doing as crazy as 10K 5 days a week, yep very extraneous on the body. I thought that all I had to do was to do cardio to be skinny. Well my whole mind set of what skinny is has changed. I was definitely ‘skinny fat’ which now when I look at it, is not flattening at all. I now prefer the more fitness look- it adds very nice curves to the body and actually makes you look more feminine. I love the athletic shoulders, and nice muscular legs; glutes, quads hamstrings and calf’s. So when I started with weights obviously I was using the normal Herbalife formula 1 shakes as post-workout, I saw a very nice change in my body and as always had lots of energy. I then swapped to the 24 line, and wow. Only a couple weeks I had already gained 1kg (2lbs) muscle (keep in mind I’m not a male meaning I don’t have as much testosterone as men, meaning it’s harder for a female to gain muscles.) I was also dropping my body fat simultaneously, WHAT? How did this happen… I still wonder. Now in order to gain muscle obviously you have to go overload to force your muscles to grow, as well as eat in a caloric surplus.

Well the products are truly magical. I am eating as much as 2500 calories a day, and am able to keep my body fat levels low as I’m building muscle.

Diet is so important I cannot stress this enough. You can work out how-ever long you want, BUT without the right nutrients you will never see a change in your body. I mean take two twin, similar DNA structure- one eats junk foods the other whole foods and supplements. They work out and do exactly the same workouts intensity etc. I mean it’s obvious who’s going to have the best results.

Now the 24 line products were specially made by the biggest scientist in the world including a Nobel prize winner (the founder of Nitric Oxide Loui Ignarro) and Dr Heber, Dr Luigi Gratton and the main guy behind the 24 line Dr John Heiss (who is also a professional cyclist)

They all worked together with top professional athletes at Olympic levels and the strongest man in the world (who all eats the products themselves) to produce this line. I mean products cannot get any better than this.

If you’re interested in more info check out this link and don’t hesitate to comment and ask any questions!



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