Jingle Bells

Christmas Decorating

Yesterday me and my family decided to start decorating the house! OOh, so nice. The weather was cold and dark, Christmas songs was on, all the big boxes of decorations were placed in the hall way creating a mess- yet it was all so lovely. We have had the same Christmas trees since over 15 years back. I cannot imagine buying a new Christmas tree though. I know it sound very odd to say such a thing about a tree- but I and my family have not seen a better looking symmetrical Christmas tree any ware. We decorate it so beautifully with pink and white lights.

I have to say though that it did become a bit frustrating after a while because I had to change lights on every Christmas light cord we had, which meant I had to compare and check every single light on that cord as well. However, I took some Heralife Liftoff and off I went.

Last year was the best we had ever decorated, thus I took pictures of the lovely decorating’s last year so that we could do exactly the same this year. Thank goodness for that because we have so many decorations everywhere that it would be hard to remember. Here is some lovely picture I took.

Main Christmas Tree

Kitchen Christmas Tree


Jesus House Decorations

Fire Place Decorations

Have anyone else started decorating thier homes yet? If so how much do you decorate, only certain areas or the whole house? Do you have outside decorations? Leave in the comment area.


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