Lift HEAVY and Light!

Well, today I did a leg workout with HEAVY weights. I reached 70kg for my Deadlifts with one set at 8reps (I didn’t want to do more as it was my first attempt).

Now I did no cardio except from walking on an incline 5min before to warm up, and 10min low intensity cycling to allow more blood flow and nutrients, nitric oxide production run to my muscles.

I burned 500 calories from only doing heavy weight lifting, it gets your heart rate flying out of the roof, with sweat dropping of your body! Now I don’t know about you, but I’ll rather throw around with weights, (well not actually throwing) and increase my metabolism after my workout as well, than just run for an hour and only burn calories during this time performing the cardiovascular exercise.

Now high reps with an high intensity is great and yes burns a tone of calories and gets your heart rate up, however it does not allow as much muscle Hypotrophy to be produced as heavy weight does. Having said that, if you train legs twice a week like myself, do one heavy leg day and a light high rep day!

Because doing two heavy leg days in one week is too much, and can start to form cortisol instead of growth hormone and testosterone.

Heavy loads especially, Deadlifts and Squats have a very high strain on the CNS (Central Nervous-System). Therefore I advice you to only do one heavy leg workout and another high hinger reps.

This has more of an advantages than disadvantages as not only are you activating different muscle fibres and fibre types (such as slow twitch) and now but different hormone levels are as well, allowing your body to get ‘shocked’ and not get used to anything you’re doing. This forces your muscles to build mass for the future.

Now, when I say heavy I mean heavy, not a weight you can do for 15 reps. It should be 8-12 repes no less and no more. If you do less, muscle hypotrophy is not produced, and instead you gain strength and power rather than muscle production.

Don’t lift weights lighter than your handbag!”

Ok, well this is going to far into science. Basically don’t be afraid to lift heavy ladies, and boys don’t go too heavy.

Ladies we do not have as much testosterone as males and thus cannot build a ‘bulky’ looking body without steroid hormones.

Men, I now you like to lift heavy but seriously drop that ego before you enter the gym, and concentrate on form. I’ve seen so many guys trying to impress and looking around trying to see if anyone saw them lifting that weight. But quite frankly you’re just embarrassing yourself if you try to lift heavy without proper form or control. So many guys use momentum instead of actually activating the muscle and allowing the muscle to do the work with a squeeze to get that mind-muscle connection.

So next time use heavy weight allowing you to do proper form, controlling the negative (way down), and allowing you to do 8-12 reps per set.

Any questions please write on Facebook or in the comment section below!


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