My First Telephone Call!

A cold, November afternoon but I’m at the centre with my favourite drink ‘Herbal Beverage Tea’

Helps me keep refreshed by drinking cold, during the summer, and nice and warm during the winter and colder days.

So I was sitting at the centre, and for the first time I had to answer the phone. AAH, I forgot what I was supposed to say for a split second. I don’t even know why I was scared, I guess it may be because I knew that people would be calling about the business or products, and I’m quite new to this still.

I’m only 18 years old and have not much experience in answering and talking to people regarding business or products over phone. I feel that when you email or talk face to face it’s easier, (but I guess this job can use any kind of way to recruit new people and get costumers which is amazing) But when I put the phone down, I was pleased with my self and now I’m actually looking forward to the next call.

“Don’t fear fear, overcome it by facing it”

It’s only two weeks until we are having a place at the ‘Christmas Festival’ and I am very excited to do this, we were at the Marathon for a month ago and had some success with people coming to the centre. Soon the Christmas tree will go up and the whole town will be full of Christmas lights!

When are you all putting up your Christmas trees and decorations?


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