Well, I know that I made a blog today already, however, the suggestion of going to see the new Bond movie ‘Skyfall’, came only a few hours ago.

We drove to the cinema, not the one near were we live, but a bigger one about 20min away from our little home town. We had an early dinner before we watched the film at 6pm, so dinner today was very-very early at 5pm. Sundays are wrap days (as well as Saturdays , so I had a easy chicken wrap. recipe will be coming soon, so check that one out.

Well, before we came into the cinema, and parked the car, I saw a lovely Christmas tree outside.

Now as you all know, Herbalife allows you to eat normally without worrying about the weight. Well so my mum here (hope she doesn’t mind :/) had a popcorn with some Herbalife tea while watching the film. me ont he other hand, don’t like popcorn so I brought with me some nuts, as well as a protein bar together with my Herbalife tea.

Overall, I had a wonderful time at the cinema, and my Sunday was a very nice and relaxed day! The film, I have to say was a hit for me and I think it might even be one of the favourite movies, absolutely the best Bond movie for me anyway. Love the Adele song ‘Skyfall’.

Hope you all have a lovely week ahead of you, and a nice Thanks Giving celebration.

I would love your opinion about the ‘Skyfall’ Bond movie, and what you all did during Thanks giving!


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