Sunny Sunday November Walk

Well, I woke up quite late today, to be me. Normally I wake up at around 07.00, and go to bed at around 22.00-23.00. My body has got used to a routine and automatically gets tired and wake at these times.

So I had my breakfast as usual, aloe vera and tea, then my shake. I also had a nice oatmeal with a bit of ‘All Spice’ and walnuts which gave me that wintery and Christmassy feeling!

Then the sun came up, and awwh, it has not been this nice for a long time. Last night it was freezing cold at -3 degrees Celsius. I woke up frozen. Anyway, so we all talked a bit when the rest of the house members woke up (my parents came back from Marrakesh yesterday nigh at 23.00 when I was babysitting). Then I and my dad went for a long nice walk, a walk route that we call ‘lamb route’. EEEHH, why? You might ask, well they have lambs there, simply due to that, no other reason.

Well, my dad decides to visit the houses on the side of the footpath, and feed them.

Here is a lovely picture…

He then said and I quote

“I think me and that horse got a nice connection”

Then something very scary happened, as we were walking in a tiny woody area, a Doberman can running towards up and first we though he was going to attack or dog, so I picked him up, and guess what it turned out that the owner was a friend of ours and the dog was only playing. But I must say that Doberman was the biggest most muscular Doberman I had ever seen Seriously I am not exaggerating at all. I honestly though it was a Rottweiler when he was running towards us from a distance. Very beautiful though and playful.

So now I’m keeping myself hydrated with my favourite drink in the whole wide world, hydrate and the Herbal green tea in peach flavour, uuuumm!

Wat are your favourite drinks to keep you refreshed during the summer and colder days? Write in the comment area.


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