Learning To Drive A Car And A Business

Well in a few weeks my friends I’ll be taking my driving test. I hope it goes well, I think I feel ready. Obviously just driving around is easy, it’s the roundabouts and the changing lanes or parking that is hard but I feel confident enough to be able to drive on my own and my driving instructor things so to.

I hope to buy a branded Herbalife car, in which I can then hopefully get some more people locally. I really want my centre to work, not only for people to come in a buy our products and loose, gain weight or look at our skin care line, but to also know that we have social things going on for people to have a good time and make new friends, join our Fitclub, or just to come in and relax or talk. I know it’s possible though as so many distributors around the world has succeeded. I am also quite a competitive person and people say I’m so harsh on my self and want’s to be best at everything I do, a little bit of a perfectionist as well. In a way it’s good, but it also leads me into getting angry with my self if something does not work as well as I’d hoped. I know this will sound very naïve and not very humble of me to say and sometimes I get frustrated with my self for thinking it but, I would love to be one the first youngest distributor to become big in the Hebalife world. I know, it sound quite weird to say it, but it’s true. I’m 18 now, but can you imagine an 19 or 20 year old almost millionaire. It’s so possible, but it takes a lot a lot a lot of hard work sweat, tears, commitment and discipline. TO be honest, it’s not the money that makes me want to reach this level, but it’s just the fact that I then know I have become the best I can be and that I’ve succeeded in life. I’d rather live in a medium house have time for friends and actually have to clean my own home. I am already blessed to have been able to go no 5 star hotels, to go to Mauritius and Hawaii because my parents has work their asses off (excuse my French) And if I’m honest, I think I prefer the 4 star hotels, I don’t feel comfortable in the nicer places. First of all the food you get is always less plus it’s not even that much better than a normal family restaurant, they often don’t allow children and walk around thinking they are posh and just not always very friendly.

I am learning how to drive a car and grow a lifetime business, so far only one is successful (the car) BUT I will not give up and I do like what I do, I believe in the product and I AM the product of the product as I got feed on Herbalife while in my mother womb.

Have a wonderful continued weekend!


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