Happy New Year!

So the new year is here,. I have promised and told myself that I want to become Active World Team in the marketing place at Herbalife. Now I normally don’t really think that you can only make plans when there is a new year, I always make small plans for everything in life all the time. Without a schedule I’m lost. But this is more of a goal for me, that I’ll would like to reach within a year… like a personal challenge.

white dress

My christmas holiday was lovely. I Spend time at home with mu family as always. We have a whole day full of things going on. First we all wake up walk down the stairs to find a little letter from santa, then we check to see if he has eaten our rice pudding. We then open the presents in the stockings and after that eat a nice big christmas breakfast. We eat dinner at around 2, and then watch a Swedish program that is recorded ona DVD disk. After this ks done it’s time for the presents under the tree. And santa, comes (hehe yes, I dress up into santa this year and the last year, before that it was always dad, now we only do it for fun and to follow and keep traditions) This can take up to about 12-02.00 to open. This year we were up to 02.00 (probably a record)

Do yo have any new year resolutions? If so what are they? Also how you spend your day on christmas?


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