Happy Easter!

Happy easter to you all. Hope you have all had some wonderful days since my last post. Yes…I have not forgotten you all.

Well as mentioned in my last post, I had some fantastic ideas going as a Herbalife Independent Distributor. I am so happy and blessed to be able to work together with my family to not have to do any communing, love the job I do and to be able to meet new people every day – even though sometimes it can go a bit slow and be a bit nerve-wracking, however I see it as a challenge and “if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you”.

So basically I walked around inviting all the shops and business in the town I live in. Some were quite interested asked a few questions here and there, others were not so interested I even got a few no’s straight away. However, we kept going and later on we came into a big supermarket talked to the manager and he was so enthusiastic. I really hope he likes the idea and becomes part of it. I will tell you all about it later.

The next thing is when I do evaluations and scans with people, sometimes they say they will come and they make an appointment. However about 80% of the time they don’t come. This is very usual so now I don’t put my hopes up to much and instead it comes as a surprise and a bonus when they DO come. My parents always tell me to not take things personally when they don’t come- which I don’t. I think it’s weird because I’m doing this partly because I’ll like to follow in my parents footsteps, but also because I know it’s the biggest Nutrition Company listed on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) I love fitness and healthy living, I mean I’ve been brough up with it. But something else is that I LOVE helping people. I am always willing to help people, and in fact I hate to say NO. The thing is I don’t think I take it personally because I know that they might have other things going on, eg. kids may be sick, they have other plans, they need to see a doctor. It can be whatever random thing and it just happened to be when we were suppose to meet there are only certain of hours everyone works and we all have the same amount of hours in one day.

Any way… So yesterday me and my little sister painted some eggs. In Sweden white eggs is the norm however in England it’s brown. So we had to buy duck eggs which are a tiny bit bigger. Here is a fun photo of the eggs. Which one do you all like the most?Easter eggs painting

Hope you all had a wonderful easter (to everyone who celebrates it) if you don’t celebrate it hope you had some lovely days anyway! I’d love to hear what you all did during easter if you’re willing to share and did something special.


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