Body Power Expo 2013

So this weekend I went to one of the biggst fitness event in the UK. I meet some mazing athletes! Thought I’d share some picture with you all with a few athletes I was fortinate to meet and speak with. I got the VIP tickets for the whole weekend, and unfortinetly I stood in a line on the way in until the last day whan a man by the doors said that all VIP’s were to go to another entrance were we got a magazine, map and no line. Hey-ho! You learn from your mistakes and therefore next year I know how it all works. I was no biggy though, as this was the only thing that differed from the general public line.








I will definitely be ba next year to meet them all again! Great tips on fitness and exercises was given. I am even more driven now to compete, but I’ll give it a few more years so that I can build more and work  my physique. When you compete in fintess and are on stage you are almonst naked, only walking around with a bikini therefore you want to looks your best, even if it’s only for experience purposes!


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