Others HERBALIFE 24 Results!

I can fianlly say that I’ll be having FITClubs soon. It will start on teh 5th June. I am so excited about this. Two years  ago before (one year before I became a distributor) I had ideas about what  wanted to do when I becamea distributor. I had the idea abou Bootcamps. One year later the idea came into Heralife and it was the new thing to do! Last year there were some complications and I had literally just started with the buiness. Now though, I have called, emalied and finally came to a deal with a woman in my town to get a place and hold a FITClub. I hope that I will be able to later sponsor some sports teams that the club have.

Moving on, a random little post. Here is a picture of my brother who has only been weight lifting sine 17 years old, he’s now 22.

Jimmy on Herbalife 24

NO… he’s not on juice what so ever, only HERBALIFE! This is what proper nutrition can do to your body together with dedicationa dn determination. I Have to say he was a skiny little kid, here is a picture of him before weight lifting.

Jimmy on Herbalife 24

I am aming for more of ‘fun first and fintess second’ I want my members to join the club and to have a really fun time, to meet new people and become frineds with them. To then fall in love with the products as much I me an over 100,000,000 other distributors in the world are!

I’ll be posting and sharing my experiense of the FITClubs later on as well with pics, videos and ideas, so look out for that!


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